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Greno’s history spans more than 50 years of continued success in precision machining.

We pride ourselves on our innovation, and outstanding customer service.

In 1961, Greno Industrial Supply Company was founded by Vince Guarino

As an industrial supply distributor, Greno was serving the metal cutting industry. In an industry that was continually growing, Greno itself quickly expanded capabilities to meet the demands of its customers. The company was the first in the northeast to employ CNC machines in its shop. Initially manufacturing various high-speed and carbide-tipped cutting tools such as reamers, drills, and taps. In the late 1960s, Greno continued to transform.

In 1975, Greno went on to form the division GIS Tool

This was an advancement that propelled the company from a supply company to an industrial manufacturing operation. The GIS valve was developed as a high-pressure, pilot-operated safety valve that was sold to US Navy. The valve was utilized on 400 US ships for enhanced performance and reliability. By 1980, all non-nuclear ships were retro-fitted with the GIS Valve, which replaced old spring-loaded valves. To this day, the GIS Valve is still in use and being serviced at our shop.

Development of the GIS Valve coincided with our MIL-Q-9858 quality program certification, which was obtained in the late 1970s. This provided groundwork for later ISO certification and expanded our recognition on a global scale. Obtaining proper certifications and recognition for our safety efforts has always been a top priority at Greno.

1978 brought a name change

We went from Greno Industrial Supply Co. to Greno Industries, to reflect our current business. This included both the GIS Tool and GIS Valve divisions, as well as our own supply company. With MIL-Q-9858 certification, new technology and machining tools were purchased to allow Greno to manufacture intricate parts with tight tolerances.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the facilities expanded several times

Expansion of the Greno facility has been a mainstay in our development as a company. During the ’70s we build a 7000-square-foot addition. In 1989, another 20,000 square feet were added. And a recent 10,000-square-foot expansion of warehouse space to provide room for stocking raw material has resulted in over 110,000 square feet with two off-site warehouses.

1990 brought an age of many technological advancements

Greno was on board, purchasing our first robotic multiplex machine. This enabled us to machine a part from every angle, from start to finish. Our capabilities expanded further as a result, allowing us to produce intricate parts in mass quantities. We maintained a focus on obtaining current technology, enhancing aspects of our business such as our networking capabilities, allowing us to meet customer requirements for electronic business communication (eCommerce).

In 1994, Greno implemented a Quality Management System

We received ISO Certification from Lloyd’s Register Group. This ISO certification lead to an expansion to international business and in 2000, Greno entered international markets of China, Japan, and Europe. Our sales reps were off visiting customers in Europe, China, and Japan.

Over the years, Greno has worked to develop extensive experience working with a range of raw materials

Some of the raw materials we work with range from carbon steel, refrectalloy, inconel, cobalt, nickel, and stainless steel. Our high-performance CNC turning and milling centers, live tooling and multi-axis machining capabilities allow for precision, reliability and performance. Most importantly, Greno Industries continues to stay ahead of our competitors by investing in our future through updating our machine tools with the latest technology, and, above all else, great customer service.