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Kitting Capabilities

Save assembly time and gain inventory control with Greno’s kitting services.

Kitting-300x300Take advantage of our kitting services to speed up your assembly process. We provide pre-organized, self-contained kits assembled in-house by Greno Industries. Manage your supply chain with our made-to-order kits, offering air-tight inventory control, a critical element of fast and efficient manufacturing and assembly. By providing the components in the quantities required, we eliminate the problem of tracking inventory so parts are on your shop floor ready for fast assembly when you need them, and with the quality control you require.

Let Greno’s kitting services streamline your manufacturing process.

Benefits include:

  • Simplify maintenance and repairs
  • Reduce inventory problems
  • Cost reduction
  • Easy to identify and reorder
  • Protective storage, handling, and shipping
  • Customizable to your exact needs