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Changing the military parts landscape with the GIS Valve

Greno has been a key supplier of US military parts for the past 35 years. In the mid-1970s, Greno developed a high-pressure and temperature safety valve—the GIS Valve–for the United States Navy, which has been used in over 400 US Navy ships to enhance performance and reliability.  Over a period of eight years, every non-nuclear surface ship was retrofitted with Greno’s GIS Valve.  To this day, GIS Valves are still in use and remain valuable military parts, and are still being serviced .  Greno became certified for the MIL-Q-9858 military parts quality program shortly thereafter, which provided the groundwork for our ISO certification and global recognition.

Recently Greno has been qualified to bid and supply military parts to the TACOM procurement network for the US Army.  This includes the arsenals at Warren MI, Rock Island IL, Red River TX, Anniston AL, Sierra CA and Watervliet NY.