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Gas drill platform parts machiningGreno Industries manufactures hundreds of intricate oil and gas industry parts.  We machine parts and components for all segments of the oil and gas industry such as valves, compressor discs, and more.  Greno provides this industry with various parts for value added service.  Compressor parts include pistons, rings, valve seats, seals and cylinder side plates. Turbine plates and turbo-expanders are a few components offered to meet our customers’ needs.

Oil Well and off shore platform equipment offer some very unique manufacturing challenges.  Our deep involvement with companies in this portion of the industry has brought about a demand for components made from very large forgings up to five feet in diameter and weighing nearly 4,000 lbs., and with machining tolerances within .005 required.  Some examples are Cement Heads, Adaptor Rings, and Pistons.  We also have a very high demand for parts manufactured from Inconnel, a material that we have a large amount of experience with successful machiningThese parts include a number of different style ram shafts and locking bars.

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