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We manufacture rotating gas turbine parts

Gas-Turbine-webGreno is a proven source for parts for rotating gas turbines.  Greno manufactures various components such as collars, brackets, retaining rings, crossfire tubes and various other parts to make up the gas turbine.  These versatile units can be designed to run on most common liquid fuels and gases and are enjoying worldwide popularity due to their short order to operation cycle and some very desirable operating characteristics.  For power generation, these land based gas turbines use internal combustion to convert chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy for rotary movement.  The gas turbine comprises a compressor, a combustion area, and a turbine.  Greno’s long  experience with the machining of parts from exotic alloys, serves us well in supporting the OEM’s requirements for components that operate at temperatures up to 2300 F.


Integral to the production of electric power generated by gas turbines are large generators.  Greno’s diverse capabilities allows us to manufacture a variety of the metal components used in the building and maintaining of this equipment.  Some examples are collector rings, retaining rings, hydrogen seal rings, terminal stud hardware, High Voltage Bushing accessories, and many other components.

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