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Precision Manufacturing of Steam Turbine Parts

Steam turbine parts machiningGreno Industries manufactures hundreds of intricate, precision steam turbine parts, which make up a majority of electricity generation in thermal power plants.  These turbines harness power from thermal energy from pressurized steam and require durable, quality components.  Steam turbine parts manufactured and fabricated by Greno include: valves, compressor discs, diaphragms, bolting, and other machined parts.

Greno manufactures specialty hardware for final assembly of the turbines, utilizing state-of-the-art lathes and gundrills to produce studs, nuts, and bolts.  We meet customers’ exact requirements and specifications.  Greno can work with a range of materials, from exotic metals to more common stainless and carbon steel.


Integral to the production of electric power generated by steam driven turbines are large generators.  Greno’s diverse capabilities allows us to manufacture a variety of the metal components used in the building and maintaining of this equipment.  Some examples are collector rings, retaining rings, hydrogen seal rings, terminal stud hardware, High Voltage Bushing accessories, and many other components.

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