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Quality Policy

Greno Industries is committed to customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of our customers, on time, the first time, and every time. We are committed to the continual improvement of our QMS, and we strive to support the strategic direction of our Company and those who impact our business.

The Greno Manufacturing Quality Managed System.

AS9100 Certification emblemThe objective of the Greno Manufacturing Quality Managed System is to ensure that our product conforms to our customers’ needs and expectations. Without a Certified Quality Management System, there’s no continuous improvement in product quality to ensure that we consistently and continuously meet or exceed customer requirements. Greno has been ISO certified since 1994. We received AS9100D certification for aerospace in 2017 and are ITAR Part 122 registered for work with manufacturers subject to the United States Munitions List (USML).

Our quality-managed system is based on ISO certification and MIL-Q-9858. Our calibration system is compliant with ISO procedures and MIL-STD-45662A. Our documentation process begins with receiving and includes in-process inspection and final inspection, as well as a requirement that each customer complete a first article inspection. Positive Material Identification monitoring of raw materials is performed on all manufactured products.

Our Quality Control department includes consistent, exhaustive inspection via non-destructive testing procedures to guarantee the viability of the parts we manufacture. At Greno, we have a reputation for consistently meeting customer-specific and industry standards.

To make this possible, we employ

  • Traceability on all jobs processed with quality plans to ensure optimal results and adherence to strict standards
  • Verification of material certifications and in-process inspections to ensure consistent quality

In 1998, Greno implemented a Six Sigma Training program consisting of black belt experts to deploy and benchmark professional quality processes. Our team currently employs one green belt.

We utilize coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology in our inspection process, as well as a range of other equipment with traceability back to MBS standards.

Non-destructive Testing

Greno Industries offers in-house non-destructive testing (NDT) for the parts we produce. NDT is commonly used in manufacturing to evaluate the properties of a part or component without causing damage, and to test for integrity, possible cracks, or flaws. Because NDT does not permanently alter the article being inspected, it’s a highly valuable service we offer that can save our customers both time and money.

NDT methods offered by Greno Industries include dye developer, liquid penetrative, Mag particle, ultrasonic testing, hydrostatic testing, decay testing, leak detection, pressure decay detection, and performance testing [eg, for amperage draw on a pump].

All NDT processes are provided on-site by an unbiased third party company.


Greno Industries, Inc. utilizes a Giddings & Lewis D-28 Discovery series CMM paired with Hexagon Metrology’s PC-DMIS software and a Renishaw MH20i multi-angular probe head for measurement of complex parts with critical dimensioning and GDT characteristics. Additional capabilities include a Parlec Series 1800 Parasetter TMM that can be used for to precisely optically measure intricate features in a non-contact scenario.

In keeping up with our customer’s needs for close tolerance parts on large and small parts, Greno industries has added to its arsenal of metrology tools the latest FARO portable measurement arm. The latest advances in hardware and software have brought this technology to a level where it is now possible to measure large and small parts with amazing accuracy–within tenths of thousands. Thermal compensation and the use of graphite composites have both added to reliability of this device.